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Frequently asked Questions

What are the payment methods at Heroique FilmsQuels sont les moyens de paiement chez Heroique Films ?

We have the Authorize.net payment gateway. With the latter, you can have the choice of making a transaction with your bank card (debit) or your credit card in a secure manner. Other types of payment gateway are to be expected.

What  are my chances of winning a price?

The minimum ratio is 1% chance of winning a cash prize for every 100 entrants. At least 100 participants will be needed to complete a competition. If it turns out that there are more than 100 entrants, without reaching 200 entrants, there will therefore be 2 draws of the same value, even though we have a total of 101 entrants. It is possible, depending on the performance of the business and the number of customers, to make more than one draw during the month.

What are all of your prices?

The rates differ depending on the quality of the video format, rental, purchase of an episode, series or a complete season. Taxes may apply. To know our prices, click on the Catalog page and consult our various contents.

What video formats do you offer?

There are several formats that we can put online later: the standard format (SD) which can range from 240-360 pixels, the medium format (MD) of 460-576 pixels, the high definition (HD) format of 720 pixels or 1920 X 1080 pixels, the ultra high definition 4K (UHD) format up to 3840 X 2160 pixels and the ultra high definition 8K (UHD) at 7680 X 4320 pixels.

Will there be regular contests, and if so, what type of contest are we going to expect?

There will be contests offered every month, see every week or every day when we have put our web series online. The winner will win the price by raffle draw contests. To be qualify, you need to answer a skill-testing questions related to a series or classical mathematical calculations.

For who the web series for at Heroique Films?

The series are for an audience whose passion is the medieval-historical universe, the fantasy genre, the fantastic and interactive genre. Other genres may be added depending on the demand, feasibility and availability of the works.

Why make contests and not just sell or rent content like other recognized platforms?

One of the goals of the company is also to reward its customers with numerous competitions in order to one day achieve that every individual can be financially self-sufficient for life. Competitions will vary depending on the revenue collected.

How long will short film last?  

Short film series can last from 7 minutes to 25 minutes per episode. Over time, other series will run from 16 minutes to 30 minutes per episode until they can become medium-length series of 31 minutes to 60 minutes. Feature films could only see the light of day if our customers demand it or the company's cash flow and other related parameters allow it.

How to subscribe on the website?  

There are 2 ways to proceed: first on the home page at the bottom of the page on the blue button "Subscribe for free". You will be able to enter your full name and your email in addition to creating your password (make sure not to buy the product mentioned on the right)
The second way is in the catalog menu, by selecting a product. Will you be asked to choose the product and then create your account before finalizing your purchase.

How do I specifically search for a series, season or episode?

In the catalog menu, please click on "See all" to see all the content offered. It is possible to search by title, author or genre category. It is also possible to write in the search bar the content you are looking for.